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New Studio Ready Hot Coffee Scrub Tiny Pods

Sit on his face with confidence™

Tiny Pods is here.

Limited Release

Three convenient pods of Studio Ready Hot Coffee Scrub

Directions for use

Each pod is good for one or two uses. 

Once a day while showering, massage onto your lower region for at least thirty seconds, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Finish with Holt Perfecting Cream.

Studio Ready Hot Coffee Scrub Tiny Pods

From morning rituals to regular upkeep, this formula pairs efficacious botanical extracts and naturally derived oils to refresh the body, reduce and mask odour and cleanse the skin to ensure impeccable personal hygiene.

This scent is a rich chocolate mocha fragrance with a soft vanilla and coffee accord complemented by a sunflower seed complex and an earthy velvety note. 

Five star reviews

"So amazing! Very gentle when using, and it leaves you feeling like a new man. My boyfriend and I both came harder than we had in a long time and he was only eating my ass! Highly recommend!"

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Package includes 3 x 0.5 oz of Studio Ready Hot Coffee Scrub.


  • Reduce and mask odours
  • Younger, fresher more moisturized appearance
  • Feel confident knowing you're clean and ready
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes
  • Reduces razor bumps
  • Stimulate exfoliation and circulation
  • Ensures impeccable personal hygiene 

To order the full size version select: Studio Ready Hot Coffee Scrub.


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