Studio Ready Hot Coffee Scrub Reviews


July 29, 2018

I was definitely hesitant like the rest of y’all. But I had such a great experience with Hot Coffee Scrub, I NEEDED to try the rest of Studio Ready products. The Holt Perfecting Cream is amazing for post shaving or nairing, yes I nair against the directions. But with a dab of the cream, it eliminates virtually any post shave irritations. Get you some if you have sensitive skin after shaving and want a zero bump landing pad, but really.

September 21, 2018

Ordered this on a whim. I follow Seth and saw the advertising. Thought what the hell. Received it a few days ago, and used it immediately. Love the smell, love the natural ingredients, and love what it did for my ass, and crotch area. Definitely feel the difference in your skin. I went out that night, and got glowing reviews on how my ass tasted!!!!!

August 7, 2018

Manscaping, compression shorts, sweat from the gym, all of these things take a toll on the skin down there. What really impressed me about Holt Perfecting Cream was after one day, I could feel a new level of smoothness in the skin that I haven’t seen in years. Not only does it look and feel great, it made manscaping today a breeze.

Weight loss and gain over the years have caused elasticity issues in my skin. After a week of use, I’m seeing more firmness, especially in my ass. I smile when I look in the mirror. I feel like the cream has taken 10 years off how I look down there. It’s given me a new found confidence and drive that I’ve been missing!!!

Real talk - I feel sexy as hell after using Studio Ready products for the last few months. I’ve never looked better or felt more confident. It has made the bedroom an even more amazing experience for my husband and I.

July 29, 2018

Wow! Just wow! Not only did I find Hot Coffee Scrub to be the best and most quality of any scrub on the market, but it truly smooths, refreshes my skin, removes any and all odor and leaves me feeling fresh and smelling delicious all day long! Absolutely incredible! I also use this on the front of my lower regions and it's also quite amazing for the front.

July 20, 2018

Japonica is the best part of my morning. My favorite part is walking around naked after my shower and feeling the cooling sensation. It wakes me leaving me ready to take on my day. I also use it after the gym to get that extra clean feeling after a sweaty workout. Can’t wait to use it on someone else in the shower and see the look on their face. 😈

July 18, 2018

Hot Coffee Scrub earned me the title of "coffee buns" with my boyfriend. My man eats my ass like it is the last supper. Best purchase ever, thanks.

July 13, 2018

I’ve tried all of the products you guys sell including the travel kit and I honestly can’t write how much I recommend Hot Coffee Scrub! The smell once you open the tub is honestly a delightful smell and after the very first use of the product I can tell a difference. It leaves me so smooth and smelling just like the product. Truly improved how my bottom looks and also my bottoming confidence. I can’t live without these products !! :)

July 13, 2018

I absolutely love it. Hot Coffee Scrub makes me feel even more relaxed knowing I'm super clean and smelling great. I've had great responses from the guys I've been with. Even being a hairy guy, I can instantly feel the difference when I dry off how smooth my ass and balls feel. Definitely a happy customer.

July 13, 2018

Instantly after using Hot Coffee Scrub, it made me smell so good I wanted to make love to myself if I could. It’s such a fresh clean edible scent that it could entice you to eat the product itself (I wouldn’t advise that!). On top of that (no pun intended), it leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth you won’t want to stop rubbing your own cheeks. I’m definitely going to feel more confident in my next encounter!

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